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Writing Prompt No. 45

"I'll try anything to get rid of the smell." What do you think of this week's writing prompt? Let me know in the comments below!


Short Story: Riches of the Kingdom

Once, a long time ago, a fair king with a vast kingdom had three sons. The king tried to rule fairly and justly, and tried to be a good father and a husband. As it happens, the king grew older. His wife, the queen, saw how much it pained him to try and choose which… Continue reading Short Story: Riches of the Kingdom

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Updated: Writing Commitments

When I first wrote about writing commitments, I brought up the point that writing every day is not something that works a hundred percent of the time. As I start and try to get myself back into posting more consistently, I find that still holds true for the most part. Numerous reasons work against writing… Continue reading Updated: Writing Commitments


Point of View Exercises

Point of View is one of those tools that every writer has. It’s also one that can be a little tricky to master.  Speaking to the definition only, point of view is the view from which the story is told. That is, it is the narrator’s view of the story and what’s happening. Typically, there’s… Continue reading Point of View Exercises