Exercise: Safe Space

Safety is a fundamental need and craving for most people.  There are certain things that make us feel safer, or that we associate with the feelings of safety and security.  As an exercise: write about a memory where you felt absolutely safe. Try to incorporate as many of your senses as possible. Bonus exercise: write… Continue reading Exercise: Safe Space


Exercise: Twisted Tales

Flash fiction is a short form story, usually of under a thousand words. It can be difficult to completely tell a story in such a small space, but it can also create an intense and riveting story. Some exercises to try: In 500 words or less, tell the story of Sleeping Beauty's worst nightmare and… Continue reading Exercise: Twisted Tales


Exercise: The Rule of Threes

We’ve all heard the rule of threes. That is, bad things come in three. Accident, illness and even death show up in our lives and thanks to bias, people tend to notice when they occur in sets of three. So should your characters. As an exercise: Take some of the minor or side characters from… Continue reading Exercise: The Rule of Threes

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Exercise: Creating Heroes

Pre-pandemic when thinking of heroes it wasn’t unusual to think of doctors, nurses, first responders and military personnel as heroes. If anything, Covid made us aware of the fact that there are more heroes around us than we can ever count. Heroes very genuinely can be found in every facet of life. That brings up… Continue reading Exercise: Creating Heroes