Conflict: Versus Others

Arguably the most common form of conflict is versus Other. In this particular conflict, there is someone else your protagonist must face off against. While some other forms can get away with not having an antagonist, that doesn't work in a versus Other conflict. With the versus Other conflict, you always have someone outside of… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Others


Conflict: Versus Fate

One of the forms of conflict is Man versus Fate. Stories with a versus Fate conflict often showcase a struggle against destiny. Much like the the versus Society conflicts, stories with a versus Fate conflict may not have an obvious antagonist. Rather, the conflict here demonstrates a the clash between a predetermined path and free… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Fate

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Conflict: Versus Nature

Man versus Nature is another of the six forms of conflict. At their base, these stories include facing down an element of nature. In some cases, the character may seek out the conflict, striving to assert their dominance over an element of nature (i.e. slaying the dragon). A fairly well-known tale is that of the… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Nature


Conflict: Versus Machine

Like some of the other forms of conflict, Man versus Machine does feature external conflicts. Unlike the other forms however, man versus machine is unique in that this particular type of conflict can pop up in two types. One, is quite literally man versus machine: the attempt to destroy the machine. The other is the… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Machine

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Conflict: Versus Society

Man versus Society is another form of conflict. Conflicts including society have a unique trait to their antagonists in that they don't necessarily have an antagonist per se. Most of the problems in these types of stories come from challenging a traditional or societal norm. With versus society conflicts, you may have a character who… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Society