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While getting organized and setting things up for this week, I realized I’d somehow manage to completely skip last Friday’s post. I didn’t realize it at all on Friday, which I’ll account for as being busier than I’d thought I would be. I think there’s something to be said in there for biting off more than I can chew.

What exactly am I chewing on at the moment?

On the blog end of things, I’m working on some behind the scenes updates, starting with a minor revamp of my short stories page. That revamp will hopefully make it easier to navigate than one long list of stories. It also includes going back through and relinking all the parts of Seventh.

The other part of the updates for the blog is reworking my logo. Although I love my little fox, she’s starting to show her age a bit. This is also leading me into playing a little bit with my wordpress theme to see if there’s one I like better.

Getting off the blog and onto other platforms, I’m expanding! Sort of. I’m re-releasing Seventh onto Wattpad. You can find parts one and two there already and I’m looking to continue updating on Fridays.

I’m also still working out the best pattern for my Patreon. At the moment most of what I have for it includes short stories and notes, but I’m getting ready to release a special sneak-peak for my patreon supporters of what’s coming up later in the year.

On writing, I’m starting the second draft/partial rewrite of what’s rapidly turning into a novella series. I thought working on this would trim at least one or two things off my insane project list, but that’s not looking like the case.

To sum it all up: Sorry for missing Friday! I’m taking a couple of days to get myself reorganized and sorted out, so normal posting should resume as of today.

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Crimson and Gold: Descriptions and Teasers

I’m so excited for January when I’ll be releasing Crimson and Gold. Although it’s only a short, it’s still taken a lot of work to get to this point, and now that I have my cover (and the above teaser) officially set and ready to go, it’s even more real now than before.

There are still a few small things to take care of before January rolls in. For me, the hardest part of any story has been writing a back description for it. I’ve redone my current one twice in the last week. It’s hard to distill an entire a story down into just a paragraph or two, even if that story clocks in at 13k.

To that end, I’ve spent a lot of time reading the back summaries of other fairy tale retellings (especially other red riding hood retellings).

Officially, I’m showing off the entire cover on December 30th, and Crimson and Gold will be released on January 15th. For now, enjoy the teaser and the summary:

Crimson and Gold

Twelve years ago, a wolf attacked Scarlett. Twelve years ago, Grandmother Rose chased off the man behind that attack.

TeaserNow, Ethan is back and Scarlett is the one responsible for defending Fairvale.  Doing that means finding the fairy spring and the only person who knows how to find it is the woodcutter, Carter. Carter has is own reasons for not getting involved with fairies and wolves. If Scarlett can’t find the fairy spring, Ethan gains control over some of the most dangerous creatures in the entire First Kingdom.

The same creatures he used to attack her twelve years ago.

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Updates to Prompts

Some of my regular readers may have noticed that yesterday I didn’t post a prompt of any sort. In part, that’s because I’m shifting when I post them. The other part of that is that I want to adjust what prompts I post.

I’m not planning on making the complete change until December starts, largely because of time constraints. The other part of that is that I want a chance to get the first few prompts ready so I can schedule them ahead of time. Although creating an image for them doesn’t take very long, as I said, I want to adjust what I’m posting.

Namely, I’d like to switch out the one-word prompts for some of the dialogue prompts. These are actually coming out of the things I’ve overheard, some of which you can check out here. One-word prompts won’t be entirely phased out but will be reduced to once or twice a month.

I’m also looking to shift prompts to Wednesday. That’s more driven by behind-the-scenes details than anything else. Because I’m not planning on implementing all of the changes until December, that does mean the number of posts I’m putting out will be reduced through November.

As always, I’m looking forward to sharing the prompts I have and seeing what everyone comes up with.