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Conflict: Versus Nature

Man versus Nature is another of the six forms of conflict. At their base, these stories include facing down an element of nature. In some cases, the character may seek out the conflict, striving to assert their dominance over an element of nature (i.e. slaying the dragon). A fairly well-known tale is that of the… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Nature

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Conflict: Versus Self

Man versus Self is one of six types of conflict. I discussed conflict and how it matters in writing in an earlier post. Each form has their own unique characteristics which sets it apart from the others. Of each type, Man versus Self conflicts might seem like the easiest to identify. Often, these are the… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Self


Conflict: Series Introduction

Conflict is the driving force behind any plot. Whether it’s a character conflicted over the choices they’re making and actions they’re taking, or two opposing forces trying to accomplish opposing goals, conflict drives your plot forward. If you don’t have some form of conflict, you don’t have much of a story. To illustrate: Johnny walking… Continue reading Conflict: Series Introduction