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Picture this scenario: You're writing. You've got a good flow going and the words are coming easily. You have uninterrupted time in which to get the story down and then suddenly you hit your third page and then-- You need a ____. Writing grinds to a halt when you're searching for names and words. Maybe… Continue reading Placeholders

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How Acting Applies to Character Description

Although an initial look might make it seem as if acting and writing are two vastly different arts there are tools in an actor's kit  writers can borrow. Several of those come in handy for developing characters. For today, I'm only focusing on character description. For an actor, costumes and makeup are only part of… Continue reading How Acting Applies to Character Description

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Keeping Your Notes

At some point in the writing process—be that before you even start the first draft, or when you start polishing it—you're going to create notes. What exactly those notes include changes based on your style, the genre and where you are in the process. Regardless of what's in them, you'll need a way to keep… Continue reading Keeping Your Notes


The Importance of Backing Up

Unfortunately today's post comes as a reminder that things happen and that while we can't prevent terrible things from happening, it never hurts to be prepared. Over the weekend, my sister's computer suffered some form of malfunction which wiped an entire folder and several additional files from the hard drive. The folder in question that… Continue reading The Importance of Backing Up


Starting on Edits

Arguably, writers actually spend relatively little time writing. There are a lot of other things to be done in the process of building a story. Characters need naming, places need researching. Fights need choreographing. That one sentence in chapter three probably needs rewriting. A large amount of time is spent on editing and rewriting. When… Continue reading Starting on Edits