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On Different Approaches

Last week while speaking with a friend, we ended up on a discussion of worldbuilding and where to start it. In essence, she wanted to write a story, but complained she didn't have the world for it. My response caused a bit of confusion for us both: Just write the story. The fact that I… Continue reading On Different Approaches

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Outlining Methods

One of my least favorite tasks when I'm getting ready to start editing is creating an outline. As much as I know they're useful and will help me create a better draft, they take time to create. The most important thing about an outline is that it is only a tool. Regardless of how or… Continue reading Outlining Methods


The Revision Process

One of the biggest things I struggled with when I started taking writing seriously was the revision process. By nature and default, I write the story without a plan and let it go where it will. Coupling that with the fact that I'm constantly getting new ideas and I've taught myself to write a rough… Continue reading The Revision Process


Pursuing Perfection

Perfect grammar, perfect voice, perfect writing. It sounds like it could happen with enough polish on the work, right? If you put in enough effort your story will glow with perfection and it will be impossible not to love. Unfortunately, I'm about to pop that bubble. While you should absolutely work to make your story… Continue reading Pursuing Perfection