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Plotting a Series

As a writer, it’s entirely possible that at some point you get hit with an idea that is simply too big for one book. That might be because of complex plotlines, multiple points of view, or even because new story ideas keep cropping up that all connect tangentially back to the same thing. You’re looking… Continue reading Plotting a Series



There are three fundamental aspects that every single story has, regardless of good, bad, popular or unknown. Without those three pieces, you don't have a story. They include plot, setting and characters. Those three elements are impossible to escape. Your characters are who the story is about, your plot is what happens during the story… Continue reading Characterization


Reading Challenges

I mentioned when I posted about the goals I was setting for 2020 that one of the places I'd taken the hardest hit on was my reading. I had several months after May where I didn't read anything outside of nonfiction articles, and only a couple of short fiction stories for the most part of… Continue reading Reading Challenges

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The Short End of Word Count

As a writer, one of the things I have to keep an eye on is word count. A lot of advice out there tells you how to cut down your word count. After all, something that's too long won't sell. Readers don't want to spend three hours reading something that could be read in an… Continue reading The Short End of Word Count


Short Story: Scaly Cat

My delicate talons will be destroyed by this awful landscaping. If anyone else could have heard the dragon grumping about having walk on a dirt path, they probably wouldn’t have been nearly as reverential about the silly thing. “Your ancestors slept in caves and on the ground you know,” Ivory told him as she unlocked… Continue reading Short Story: Scaly Cat