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Adventures in Editing

Now that we’re out of Camp NaNo, I’m turning my attention back to the excessively long list of projects I want to work on. Ultimately, I decided on tackling one of my more unwieldy projects. I say unwieldy largely because it rapidly outgrew the initial portal fantasy idea I had for it, bloomed well into… Continue reading Adventures in Editing

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Seventh Part Six

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five “Juni,” Crystal pleaded as they walked. “I’m sorry.”  “Sorry? Sorry! Crystal, you’re going to get yourself killed. That pool is deep and made of snow melt.” Juniper spun around, the loose ribbon in her hair threatening to slip the rest of… Continue reading Seventh Part Six

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Plotting a Series

As a writer, it’s entirely possible that at some point you get hit with an idea that is simply too big for one book. That might be because of complex plotlines, multiple points of view, or even because new story ideas keep cropping up that all connect tangentially back to the same thing. You’re looking… Continue reading Plotting a Series


Editing a Series

Although April is Camp NaNoWriMo, I chose not to 'officially' participate this year, even though I'd had the project for this month picked out since the beginning of the year, largely because I'm still a little wary of burn-out and diving back into Hero Stones. Regardless of that fact, for the last two days I've… Continue reading Editing a Series


Short Story: Dragons Do Not Make Pets

From the Diary of Dragon Speaker Aurarin Sometime in early winter As Duckling has grown, I have been able to leave him for short periods of time. This however, still means that on days when I must be at the College, I customarily take him with me. More than once, I’ve left him under Magi… Continue reading Short Story: Dragons Do Not Make Pets