September 2022 Recap

October starts tomorrow! Although fall officially started a few days ago, I haven’t seen much change in the scenery here yet. I’m still so used to the Arizona weather patterns and I’m excited to get the full experience of fall. With the start of October also starts the last stretch of the year. Not only… Continue reading September 2022 Recap

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September 2020 Recap

When September started, it felt like the days were dragging by. Now at the end of the month, I admit I'm not sure what happened this month. I'm not even sure where the month went. Initially I wanted to get through the draft of at least one project this month. Although I've been able to… Continue reading September 2020 Recap

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September Recap

Normally I prefer to have my recaps done before the month actually ends but the last couple of weeks ended up being incredibly busy and on top of everything else, I've started a new job. It feels like just about the time I get used to the routine around my house, something else changes. I'm… Continue reading September Recap