Unfinished Projects

Earlier this year I looked at my older projects and eventually ended up rewriting an old story. I’m a lot happier with where that story is now that it’s been a cleaned up a bit, but digging through my projects did present a fact: I have a lot of unfinished projects. There’s a lot of… Continue reading Unfinished Projects

Exercises, General

Using the Zero Draft

In full honest confession, I actually didn't know what a zero draft was until a couple of years ago when a writer friend mentioned she was about twenty-thousand words into one. I asked her what a zero draft was, and the answer I got surprised me: It's the earliest draft of your story, in which… Continue reading Using the Zero Draft


The Mixed Feelings of Finishing

On Sunday I wrote the last words for my current project. Or rather, I wrote the last words for the rough draft. I know myself better than to dive straight into editing and will be taking a little time off from Hero Stones to focus on other projects (just don't ask me what yet, there's… Continue reading The Mixed Feelings of Finishing


First Draft: The End

One of the most satisfying things about writing is putting two little words down. Those two words signify that you've done it. You've successfully done something that takes a lot of time, persistence and thought. Congratulations, you have finished your first draft. And there's probably the question of 'Now What' in the back of your… Continue reading First Draft: The End


First Draft: Style

Every writer has a slightly different style. This shows up in just about every stage of the writing process, and most especially, when figuring out where to start on telling a story. Everyone has a first draft, but first drafts can vary wildly. The most basic difference is whether you need to plan a story… Continue reading First Draft: Style