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Writer’s Research Guide Introduction

I think almost every writer has had that moment they’ve gone to check something—usually inane little details—and three hours later they found themselves down a rabbit hole on the exact physics behind a fire tornado. In the best case, you’ve found the detail you needed and remembered what it was for. In the worst and… Continue reading Writer’s Research Guide Introduction


Worldbuilding: Government Types

While I'm a sucker for the classic fantasy monarchy, there are actually multiple types of government to utilize for worldbuilding. Government itself may be one of the largest components of building a country. Not only do you need to know what it does, but it helps to know what type of government rules. Starting with the… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Government Types


Research Tips for Writers

Earlier this weekend while I was getting ready to work on some edits I ended up knee-deep in research on how long a racehorse's career lasts. How did I end up there? Simple, I started by needing to know how fast a horse could actually run, which lead me to wondering how long horses typically… Continue reading Research Tips for Writers

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Strange Research

I am a writer. Occasionally this leads me into strange questions such as 'how much rainfall does Ireland get on average' or 'how long does it take the human body to metabolize a sedative'? NaNo's project has proven no different, so today we have a list of some of my favorite random search topics, done… Continue reading Strange Research