Writer’s Reference Guide: Albatross

The albatross is a well-known figure in literature thanks to Coelridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner. How much do you actually know about these seabirds? Check out some quick facts about the birds that can fly for days and live for sixty years or more! Name. Albatross is used to refer to any large sea… Continue reading Writer’s Reference Guide: Albatross

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Writer’s Research Guide Introduction

I think almost every writer has had that moment they’ve gone to check something—usually inane little details—and three hours later they found themselves down a rabbit hole on the exact physics behind a fire tornado. In the best case, you’ve found the detail you needed and remembered what it was for. In the worst and… Continue reading Writer’s Research Guide Introduction


Worldbuilding: Government Types

While I'm a sucker for the classic fantasy monarchy, there are actually multiple types of government to utilize for worldbuilding. Government itself may be one of the largest components of building a country. Not only do you need to know what it does, but it helps to know what type of government rules. Starting with the… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Government Types


Research Tips for Writers

Earlier this weekend while I was getting ready to work on some edits I ended up knee-deep in research on how long a racehorse's career lasts. How did I end up there? Simple, I started by needing to know how fast a horse could actually run, which lead me to wondering how long horses typically… Continue reading Research Tips for Writers

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Strange Research

I am a writer. Occasionally this leads me into strange questions such as 'how much rainfall does Ireland get on average' or 'how long does it take the human body to metabolize a sedative'? NaNo's project has proven no different, so today we have a list of some of my favorite random search topics, done… Continue reading Strange Research