Scene Unsticking Questions

It happens to the best writers. Even in the middle of a draft that’s going well and with a well-detailed outline, sometimes we get stuck on a scene. It might be that we’ve opened a huge plot hole we don’t know how to close. Or, we’ve written our characters into an impossible situation and were… Continue reading Scene Unsticking Questions

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Plot Breakdown

Plot can be kind of tricky at times. There are a number of factors pushing and pulling on it: character motivation, conflict, internal and external goals and in some cases setting elements. It can be the main driving force in a story, pulling characters along relentlessly and adding to their struggles, or plot can be… Continue reading Plot Breakdown


Plot: Mistaken Jealousy

Mistaken jealousy takes a little bit to understand as a plot, but becomes a wonderful scenario for character and plot-driven stories once you do. You can check out the other plot scenarios here. A jealous person covets a possession belonging to an accomplice due to the interference of an adversary or mistake. Role-wise this is… Continue reading Plot: Mistaken Jealousy


Plot: Dishonored Beloved

A dishonored beloved plot can bring a whole new layer of complexity and twists to the story when employed. If you'd like, you can check out all of the plot scenarios here. A wrongdoing is discovered against a loved one. The roles for the dishonored beloved plot are extremely variable. You must have someone who… Continue reading Plot: Dishonored Beloved


Plot: Sacrifice

Sacrifice as a plot opens up space for a lot of internal conflict and character motivation. If you'd like to check out some other plot scenarios, you can do so here. An object or person is given up to accomplish a goal or an ideal. Looking at it initially, you might feel limited in the… Continue reading Plot: Sacrifice