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October 2020 Recap

Despite being extremely busy for most of the month, it feels like October has crawled by. Even while nearing the end, I’m surprised at how far away the beginning of the month feels. Part of that is probably because of several responsibilities I’m having to juggle and readjust this month. The last couple of months have been busy for me, and I’m having to reassess what goals I have time to contribute towards.

Unfortunately, one of the things that got hit the hardest this month was my time for writing. I haven’t really worked on anything. Although I didn’t declare a particular project for the month, I did have aims to get some of my older notes typed up (these are largely the ones that have begun to fade from age and use). That didn’t happen.

You may know from my earlier post that even my NaNo Prep is largely nonexistent. I haven’t even announced my NaNo project yet. I’m hoping to get a couple of hours in the next couple of days to at least make a decision one way or the other, but I may end up doing that on the first of November.  If nothing else, I figure I can use the standard fifty-thousand goal of NaNo to finish up a couple of the projects on my lengthy, unfinished list.

How was your October? Let me know in the comments below!

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October Recap

October has flown by. It’s hard to believe that there’s just a few days left before Halloween arrives and then onward to NaNoWriMo.

In terms of meeting my goals for October, I did get my second draft done. I’m happy about it, but also really looking forward to finally writing something new. As for the NaNo prep, I’m happy that I was able to get so much of the notes and worldbuilding done.

The other part of that NaNo prep was doing a lot of exploratory exercises to help flesh out some of the stories. So many in fact, that I’m giving myself a mini challenge to post a story a week throughout November. That’ll partially make up for the months I missed posting a short story and make it a little easier to balance writing blog posts with everything else.

What are your goals for November?