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Plot: Crimes of Passion

Legally, a crime of passion is a crime committed during intense moments of emotion but in writing crimes of passion are those acts committed on or against a character's loved ones by the character themselves. You can check out all of the plot scenarios here. The perpetrator commits a harmful act against a loved one.… Continue reading Plot: Crimes of Passion


Plot: Familial Competition

Feuding families are often the basis for many other plots as they provide an easy personal conflict and motivation for characters. You can check out the other plot scenarios here. One family wishes to achieve the same goal as another family. Because you're dealing with groups of characters, there is plenty of space to work… Continue reading Plot: Familial Competition

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Plot: Obtainment

Obtainment as a plot scenario is related to daring enterprise, however unlike daring enterprise where the main focus is retrieval of that object, obtainment focuses heavily on why each character wants this particular item. You can check out all of the plot scenarios here. A mediator negotiates between a solicitor and an adversary over a… Continue reading Plot: Obtainment

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Plot: Abduction

One plot scenario that definitely relies on character motivations is the abduction plot. Whether a main plot or a minor plot, motivations here are key to making this particular scenario work smoothly. You can find some of the other plot scenarios here. A captor takes the abductee away from safety. An interesting thing to note… Continue reading Plot: Abduction

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Plot: Daring Enterprise

The daring enterprise plot is a classic and a common staple of many adventure stories and even a few fantasy epics as well. While versatile in genres, it is also well-suited to plot-driven stories. You can check out some of the other plot scenarios here. A leader overpowers an adversary in order to take an… Continue reading Plot: Daring Enterprise