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Seventh: A Serial Story

Hair black as night.Lips red as wine.Skin pale as snow.Eyes as dark as their hearts. As a third generation seventh child, Crystal knows better than most how dangerous fairies can be. Now, thanks to a fairy’s meddling her brothers are in danger. Lucinda, Queen of the blood fae, has claimed Crystal’s brothers. Their freedom may… Continue reading Seventh: A Serial Story

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Personal Writing Process

I’m a firm believer that the writing process is different for every writer. While some of us dive headlong into the story with minimal planning, others take days, weeks and even months to plot, research and develop the story and characters before we ever put a word on the page. And many, many of us… Continue reading Personal Writing Process


Final Stages of NaNoPrep

Next Friday is the official start of NaNoWriMo. That leaves just under a week for the last bits of NaNoPrep. For me, now that I have my notes and ideas organized and laid out in one convenient place, that means spending a lot of time doing exploratory exercises. Most of these are aimed at working… Continue reading Final Stages of NaNoPrep


Editing a Series

Although April is Camp NaNoWriMo, I chose not to 'officially' participate this year, even though I'd had the project for this month picked out since the beginning of the year, largely because I'm still a little wary of burn-out and diving back into Hero Stones. Regardless of that fact, for the last two days I've… Continue reading Editing a Series