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Personal Writing Process

I’m a firm believer that the writing process is different for every writer. While some of us dive headlong into the story with minimal planning, others take days, weeks and even months to plot, research and develop the story and characters before we ever put a word on the page. And many, many of us… Continue reading Personal Writing Process

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Outlining Methods

One of my least favorite tasks when I'm getting ready to start editing is creating an outline. As much as I know they're useful and will help me create a better draft, they take time to create. The most important thing about an outline is that it is only a tool. Regardless of how or… Continue reading Outlining Methods

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Embracing the Longer Story

When you're first starting to consider a longer story, writing something as long as a novel can seem a bit like climbing a mountain. While that's not entirely incorrect, it's far more important to remember finishing your novel is not in fact, a race. Your leisurely hike to The End Peak can take you as… Continue reading Embracing the Longer Story