Creating Last Names

I've touched on names a couple of times before, but in this case, I want specifically focus on family names. Family or inherited names can be used to help trace genealogy, but when it comes to writing and creating characters, they also serve to help flesh out your world. For those stories set in the… Continue reading Creating Last Names

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Picture this scenario: You're writing. You've got a good flow going and the words are coming easily. You have uninterrupted time in which to get the story down and then suddenly you hit your third page and then-- You need a ____. Writing grinds to a halt when you're searching for names and words. Maybe… Continue reading Placeholders

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Naming Fictional Places

When you're attempting to come up with a fictional place, one of the things you need is a name. This largely applies to cities and towns, but on occasion this can also apply to specific things like rivers, buildings or landmarks. Names for characters are difficult enough, and settings are no different. Thankfully finding a… Continue reading Naming Fictional Places


Naming Characters

Naming things is hard work. Kids, pets, places are all examples of this, and characters are no exception. In some cases you can get away with just using a placeholder name until you can find the right name for the character. Nonetheless, when you're hunting up a name, there are a few things to consider.… Continue reading Naming Characters