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How Acting Applies to Character Description

Although an initial look might make it seem as if acting and writing are two vastly different arts there are tools in an actor's kit  writers can borrow. Several of those come in handy for developing characters. For today, I'm only focusing on character description. For an actor, costumes and makeup are only part of… Continue reading How Acting Applies to Character Description

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On Not Judging Myself

I think it's safe to say that every writer on the planet has had a moment where they've faced internal judgement. That might be a case of 'why can't I write like Big Author' or a case of 'my writing is awful'. Internal judgement is a lot like self-doubt in that it crops up repeatedly,… Continue reading On Not Judging Myself


Research Tips for Writers

Earlier this weekend while I was getting ready to work on some edits I ended up knee-deep in research on how long a racehorse's career lasts. How did I end up there? Simple, I started by needing to know how fast a horse could actually run, which lead me to wondering how long horses typically… Continue reading Research Tips for Writers


Writing Anxiety

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought I’d touch on a mental illness I have an unpleasant amount of experience with: anxiety. One of the big peeves I see is when someone with anxiety is written to be simply ‘nervous’ because that’s really not how anxiety works. There are multiple types of anxiety—Generalized… Continue reading Writing Anxiety


April Recap

With April closing out also means the close out of Camp NaNoWriMo. Although I didn't participate officially in it this month, I still wanted to take April as an opportunity to get some work done on editing. More specifically, I wanted to get started on the first round of edits for Hero Stones. While I'd… Continue reading April Recap