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July Recap

It’s been an incredibly busy month for me here, for several reasons. Not only am I getting Seventh prepped (and still so excited for it!) I’ve also had tons of good stuff coming in through my day job including a possible promotion, plus an award nomination from the lovely Obort over on The Sublime Ink (which I’m hoping I can get to soon).

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all good news this month.

Meet Jasper.

This loveable jackass is my 17-year- old-cat. I’ve had him since I was twelve. He’s one of my two fur-babies and undisputed ruler of meal time.

About the middle of June we discovered he was having a hard time breathing. A trip to the vet reveal what’s called a pleural effusion: essentially liquid surrounding his lungs. That in itself is concerning, but the cause behind that fluid build up is even more concerning.

Heart disease. Specifically hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart muscles. It’s not uncommon for cats of his age and breed to develop a heart condition. It’s common enough at least, that treatment is relatively easy. Medication and low-stress are the two key requirements. It’s also impossible to predict whether it will affect his lifespan or not.

Moving forward brings challenges and a lot of changes I hadn’t expected. It’s hard to say for sure what those changes will mean and whether or not I’ll have to adjust the way I do things for his health.

At the moment I’m glad he’s happy and still a part of my life. I don’t know what next month holds, but I’m thankful for the good things this month.

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July Recap

It’s hard to believe we’re over halfway through the year, and yet there’s only five months left. There’s still plenty of time in the year to get things done, but now is also a good time to reassess where you are on reaching your goals.

For me, that means admitting I haven’t gotten as much actual editing done as I’d like. Thankfully, because there’s still time, I’m switching focus to try and get things done. I’ve decided that I won’t work on any new projects until November.

I did however, get a couple of very rough novella drafts done. The titles are still under work, but I’m happy with the bare bones of the stories so far.

One big question mark still on the board is Crimson & Gold. At 13k, it’s an awkward length and I’m still not sure what to do with it. Tentatively I want to have an answer for what I’m doing with it by the end of August.

How was your July?