Internal Conflict, Scenes and Characters

Internal conflict is the result of a character having two opposing goals or desires. These goals might be personal to the character, affecting their arc, or they might impact the main conflict of the plot. Some stories focus on internal conflict as the main conflict. With internal conflict, ultimately, a character must choose which of… Continue reading Internal Conflict, Scenes and Characters


Exercise: First Meeting

When it comes to developing characters, one of the things you might have to look at is how they interact with each other. A lot of interactions between people are based on previous interactions, which goes all the way back to when they first met. Knowing how your characters met each other can help with… Continue reading Exercise: First Meeting


Conflict: Versus Fate

One of the forms of conflict is Man versus Fate. Stories with a versus Fate conflict often showcase a struggle against destiny. Much like the the versus Society conflicts, stories with a versus Fate conflict may not have an obvious antagonist. Rather, the conflict here demonstrates a the clash between a predetermined path and free… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Fate

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Conflict: Versus Self

Man versus Self is one of six types of conflict. I discussed conflict and how it matters in writing in an earlier post. Each form has their own unique characteristics which sets it apart from the others. Of each type, Man versus Self conflicts might seem like the easiest to identify. Often, these are the… Continue reading Conflict: Versus Self