Worldbuilding: Holidays

People love celebrating. True, some people like celebrating more than others, but if there's a reason to celebrate, people will. That's essentially what the holidays are about--celebrating something. Depending on what your holiday is about will depend on how it's celebrated and when. When creating a holiday however, there's a few things to consider. When… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Holidays


Supporting Authors

The holiday season is in full swing. For some of us, that means a lot of gift giving, gift wrapping and general chaos. For a lot of us, it also means wondering how to best support the authors, writers and artists we admire. While some of the ways you can help your favorite creators are… Continue reading Supporting Authors


Holiday Gifts from Writers: Adult Edition

The holiday season is underway and sometimes that means watching the dates on the calendar as they slip by in horror, knowing you still don't have a gift for that one person. I covered what to get kids and teens earlier this week, so here's a few ideas for adults. For the Organizers Everyone has… Continue reading Holiday Gifts from Writers: Adult Edition

Exercises, General

Holiday Gifts From Writers: Youth Edition

The one thing about the end of the year that never fails is that there's always that one person you need to get a gift for and don't have a clue what they want or need. Bonus points if they insist you don't need to get them a gift. Or if they're just young enough… Continue reading Holiday Gifts From Writers: Youth Edition