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Mid-NaNo Struggles

Confession time: I haven't worked on my NaNoWriMo projects for the last three or four days. Despite how excited I was for NaNo this year, a lot of the excitement wore off relatively quickly. For one, my schedule in real life is packed, and very little of it can be ignored until later. For another,… Continue reading Mid-NaNo Struggles

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On Being Overwhelmed

Normally I like to set one project a month to focus on, for a couple of reasons. One, I'm not as likely to get distracted by a million other projects I want to work on. Two, it makes it easier to break down huge tasks into smaller ones. In a perfect situation, that means I'm… Continue reading On Being Overwhelmed

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On Shifting Mindset

Not every part of the creative process is enjoyable. It's certainly a lot more entertaining to daydream about the six-figure deal you'll get, or the contract for an original show you sign with Netflix than it is to go back through your manuscript for the hundredth time trying to hunt down out of place commas… Continue reading On Shifting Mindset

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About Focus

The last couple of weeks I've been having a ridiculous time focusing on any one project. As much as it irks me, I also know there's about a dozen different reasons my focus has vanished. Whether it's stress, the fact the weather is changing, or maybe I just haven't been eating as well as I… Continue reading About Focus


Keeping Focus Strong

It's no huge secret that focus is a really good tool to completing a work. If it was a secret, it'd be one of the worst kept secrets hands down. Focus is what makes it easy to power through that tough section, or to sit down and happily toss down several hundred words. While powerful,… Continue reading Keeping Focus Strong