Short Story: Cheat for a Cheat

Most racing dragons came from species of the only slightly intelligent kind. Horned reds tended to be a little smarter than most. Which, as Ashlynn opened the main gate and saw that at least one had figured out the newest lock and was happily sunning himself on the roof, was why she preferred the blue-tipped… Continue reading Short Story: Cheat for a Cheat

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Short Story: A Sister’s Love

Crown was resting, though buried under half a dozen blankets. Blade sighed a little, happy she’d finally managed to get to sleep. For now at least, she was resting comfortably. Getting enough rest would be at least half of a long battle. The diagnosis was grim. Mana sickness. Trapped in a well of magic for… Continue reading Short Story: A Sister’s Love


Short Story: Under Her Own Power

Inhaling brought cool air to her lungs as she stood outside the parliament chamber. Exhaling dispelled some of the internal heat, but did nothing to calm her anger. “Are you ready, Your Majesty?” Sola lifted her face. She didn’t have a choice. Either she stood out here all day or she walked into the parliament… Continue reading Short Story: Under Her Own Power


Short Story: Blessings and Gifts

“There is a difference between fairy blessings and gifts, child. Both can be equally dangerous, but one binds the recipient in ways worse than death.” Juniper paused in her sweeping to look up at the old woman. “Blessings are supposed to be given when a child is born, aren’t they?” That earned her a chuckle… Continue reading Short Story: Blessings and Gifts