Plot: Loss of a Beloved

Sitting in direct opposition to the recovery of a loved one, the loss of a beloved is a situation that relies heavily on emotions and motivations from your characters. You can check out the full list of plot scenarios here. The witness sees the death of a kinsman. Most often there is an executioner of… Continue reading Plot: Loss of a Beloved

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Plot: Recovery of a Loved One

The recovery of a loved one scenario provides a goal right from the outset, which can make it useful for plot-driven stories. You can check out the other plot scenarios here. A seeker attempts to find the lost one. When thinking about roles and how your characters fill them, this breaks down pretty easily. You… Continue reading Plot: Recovery of a Loved One


Plot: Repentance

Repentance is a highly character-based scenario, but that doesn't automatically make it character-driven. If you'd like to check out the other plot scenarios, they can be found here. The guilty person seeks forgiveness for their crime or mistake. When thinking of how roles are filled, also remember that sometimes you have someone who the guilty… Continue reading Plot: Repentance


Plot: Faulty Judgement

In many ways, a faulty judgement scenario is very much like mistaken jealousy. However, in the case of faulty judgement the focus may be on the actions that need judging, rather than the outcome. You can check out the other plot scenarios here. A judge passes blame onto the victim instead of the guilty as… Continue reading Plot: Faulty Judgement