Exercise: Crafting Thematic Imagery

Imagery and theme are two of the most powerful tools you have as a writer. Meshing them together isn’t always the easiest however. So for today’s exercise, you have a bit of a challenge: Start by making a list of images you could associate with your theme. For example if your theme is peace, you… Continue reading Exercise: Crafting Thematic Imagery


Exercise: Inserts

Characters are often the first thing a reader falls in love with. Building a detailed and dynamic character can be difficult. Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to practice. As an exercise: Pick someone you know in real-life. Describe them as the main character in a story. Think about how they act, walk, talk and any… Continue reading Exercise: Inserts


Character Description Crawl

Describing characters isn’t always easy, so to help out, I present the Character Description Crawl. Name. Count the letters in your character’s first name and multiply by ten. Write that many words. Hair Color. If your character has black hair write 50 words. If they have brown hair write 75 words. If they have blond… Continue reading Character Description Crawl


Exercise: Describe Yourself

I’m one of those people that freezes whenever someone asks me about myself. Questionnaires, applications and interviews where the phrase ‘describe yourself in three words’ make me cringe. Which is exactly what we’re doing today: describing ourselves. Specifically, you should describe yourself as a character in a story. This should go beyond just physical descriptions… Continue reading Exercise: Describe Yourself

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Exercise: Setting Descriptions

Although it might seem like the easiest and simplest thing in the world, setting descriptions are full of pitfalls. Ever notice how every single beach is sandy when there are plenty of rock beaches? Or the ocean is always somehow salty and tangy? Living in the desert, I promise, the sun does a lot more… Continue reading Exercise: Setting Descriptions