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Artistic License

When trying to create a story it can sometimes feel as though we have to keep within a given set of conventions.  Genres are often built on these expectations and are what most readers look for in a story when searching store shelves for their next read. At the same time, ignoring the standard tropes and turns allows us instead to explore a story in a unique light.  

Artistic license allows us to twist a story as we see fit, especially as we see new ways to retell a story and to send a message more fitting to the times we live in. Rather than following the same plot lines you might for rescuing the princess from the dragon, what happens when your valiant knight instead finds the princess is the dragon? Or perhaps the dragon is dead, or never existed at all? Rather than rescuing her perhaps the knight must instead solve her murder.  

For an exercise try setting a timer for fifteen minutes and writing freely. You can use a prompt or just any ideas you have in your head. Try to ignore any genre or plot conventions.