Worldbuilding: Technology

When you think of technology in a fictional world, your first thought might go to science-fiction. That's not wrong, as science-fiction is dominated by computers, AI and faster-than-light travel. That's not all technology is however. By definition, technology is the use of science to create equipment and machines for practical use. Every tool is an… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Technology


Worldbuilding: Cities and Towns

Creating a city itself is daunting because it's where civilization and worldbuilding meet. Whether this is a sprawling metropolitan capital or a tiny village, there's a certain amount of planning that goes into every city. With cities and towns, size really does matter. More specifically, population size matters. The more people in an area, the higher… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Cities and Towns


Worldbuilding: Daily Life

One of the places that gets overlooked in worldbuilding and how it affects character development is daily life. Despite that it seems simple, it can and should impact your characters and their interactions with one another. Their day-to-day habits aren't going to simply go away just because they've been thrown headfirst into an adventure, and… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Daily Life

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Worldbuilding: Resources and Civilization

In my last worldbuilding post I talked about the different types of terrain. Each type has its own dangers to consider, but it also provides its own resources. Civilization of any level is heavily dependent on resources. Basic survival needs include food, water and shelter which all need to be met by the environment. More… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Resources and Civilization