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Exercise: Defining Unique Characters

Characters are people, and like people, they should have unique qualities to them that help them stand apart from anyone around them. This might be a bad habit, or a particular turn of phrase, but something should help your characters stand out. A quirk or a habit they have. Building these quirks and habits doesn't… Continue reading Exercise: Defining Unique Characters

Exercises, writing

Exercise: My Hero Would Be…

One of the most well-known topics for school essays is to pick someone you consider a hero or an idol. The topic itself is pretty simple and straight forward, but it can also help you develop your characters. As an exercise try writing a paragraph or a page on who your character would consider an… Continue reading Exercise: My Hero Would Be…


Exercise: Character Journal

Developing a character doesn't have to be a strenuous task. One of the easiest ways to get into your characters' heads might be, quite literally, writing through their perspective. If you're trying to figure out how a character thinks, or develop their motivation a little more and charts and tables just aren't working for you,… Continue reading Exercise: Character Journal