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Avoiding Burn Out

There are two--maybe three--big things that prevent you from finishing a story. One, procrastination. Two, burn out. Of the two, procrastination at least pretends to be something useful (don't let it fool you though, it is lying to you and is not actually useful). Burn out on the other hand makes no attempt to hide… Continue reading Avoiding Burn Out


Finding Lost Inspiration

With the holidays and my bout of burn-out, I ended up taking a little more time away from Hero Stones than I'd anticipated. That meant a large portion of the inspiration I had for it had vanished. Although it was something I suspected would happen when I decided to take a break, I'd been half-hoping… Continue reading Finding Lost Inspiration


Letting Yourself Rest

Yesterday after I finished the rough draft of a piece for the other (and still untitled) project I've been working on while letting Hero Stones sit after November.  At that point I realized that while I wanted to keep working on something, I didn't have any ideas or even the energy left to keep writing.… Continue reading Letting Yourself Rest