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April Recap

I think it’s fair to say that April has been a month full of stress and worry. COVID-19 continues to be a very real threat.  I hope you all are safe at home. If you’re one of the essential workers helping to keep everything running: thank you. Thank you to the firefighters, the nurses, the doctors, the police and the sheriffs helping protect and combat this virus directly. Thank you to the delivery drivers, grocery clerks, farmworkers, and sanitation workers helping our families and first responders survive this crisis.

While COVID is affecting daily life heavily, there is still some progress to be noted about the month. Here at least, numbers have begun to plateau. Although it’s likely the situation won’t resolve for months at the least, the fact that there is some positive change is at least a sign that we can and will get a handle on the situation.

Moving onto other news, I’m really pleased with how my personal challenge went this month. I had quite a few rough days where I didn’t get much writing done. If you want a day-by-day breakdown, you can check out the 30 Day Shorts Part I,Part II, Part III and Part IV. Below you’ll find the last few days of the April Challenge.

I actually really enjoyed having a challenge and I wish I had another one to do. I might see about finding another, perhaps for July.

Day 26
Two more flash-pieces done, the first titled ‘Problem Solver’ and the second being ‘Bus Tickets’. I had more ideas but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to start on any of them.

Day 27
Worked on ideas from yesterday. Finished up the selection of pieces with ‘Recruiter’ and ‘Technomancer’. I’ve actually gotten caught up somehow and am sitting on twenty-seven pieces.

Day 28
One more short, this one titled ‘She Came Through’. Ended up using the Day 27 prompts on accident.

Day 29
Ended up scrambling to get laundry done and dried yesterday since my dryer has broken. Nothing short written.

Day 30
Last day of the challenge! I ended up not working on any short stories today, meaning I finished the month out with a total of twenty-eight shorts. All things considered, even though it technically means I didn’t succeed at the challenge, I’m happy with what I ended up with.

How was your April?

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February Recap

Where January crawled by, February seems to have gone in a blink. That might have something to do with the fact that there’s been a huge amount going on outside of writing.

I mentioned last month I was looking at having to get a new computer, and it ended up happening sooner than expected. My poor keyboard finally gave out, with both my n key becoming harder to use and the spacebar actually breaking. I’ve now got a new laptop to work from and will be recycling the old one once I’ve completely wiped all my files from it.

Although I’d planned to work on a rewrite for this month, that ended up largely falling to the side. As I started to dig into the story, I found more problems with the setting that were promising conflict but not delivering. As a result, my total word count for the month came in just over thirty-thousand.

I haven’t quite decided what I’m working on for next month but I’m inclined to return to some of my shorter works. I think a break from the long form might be a good idea.

How was your February?

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Setting Goals for 2020

It’s startling to realize we’re almost at the end of the year, and not just the year but the end of an entire decade. Looking back on 2019, it’s been a rough year in places, but other places have a much different story to tell.

To set up my goals for the next year, I’m taking a look back at what I accomplished this year, no matter how small.

2019 Recap

142 Posts here on the Written Vixen

Completed 1 project (Crimson and Gold) which will launch in January–exciting!

6 novellas in various stages.

My biggest struggle overall has been adapting to the massive changes in my schedule and finding a better balance on time.

Two of the places that took the biggest hit were my reading and my art. I’ve had a few months where I didn’t read any books, and the additional things on my schedule have made it hard to find time to work on any big art pieces consistently.

2020 Goals

Ideally next year I’d like to get two stories published. This should be easy as Crimson and Gold launches in January and I have plenty of material to polish up and shop around.

As a stretch goal, I again next year want to try and finish a complete novel.

I’m looking forward to 2020. Here’s to happy holidays and a brilliant next year.

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November Recap

There’s less than a week left in November, and here in the US, the preparations for our Thanksgiving are underway. This year, it falls on the twenty-eighth, which makes things a little more hectic.

As a recap on how my November went: Although I won NaNo, I didn’t end up writing as much as I would have liked. I’m hoping I get a better answer for how to tackle the dual problem of less time and too many ideas for the Camps during 2020. Given how things keep changing, there’s also a possibility I won’t need to worry about it.

Once I switched over to projects that had some basis behind them already, things went smoother. I’ve written several new shorts and I have one more short story to post here. At the moment I’m making finishing edits on it and getting an image together.

Popping over to long-term projects, Crimson and Gold has gone through one last round of grammar and spell checks and I’ve got the cover about 75% done. Check back a little later in December for more news on the launch and a cover reveal.

On a more blog-related note: I’m in the process of making some other updates to go along with the update to my prompts launching in December. Some of the smaller things include updating my about page, some of the layout and a few other tweaks. All of those should be live and rolled out by the thirtieth.

There’s already a lot to do for December, so I’m trying not to stress too much about picking a main project.

How was your November? Any plans for the next month?

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Updates to Prompts

Some of my regular readers may have noticed that yesterday I didn’t post a prompt of any sort. In part, that’s because I’m shifting when I post them. The other part of that is that I want to adjust what prompts I post.

I’m not planning on making the complete change until December starts, largely because of time constraints. The other part of that is that I want a chance to get the first few prompts ready so I can schedule them ahead of time. Although creating an image for them doesn’t take very long, as I said, I want to adjust what I’m posting.

Namely, I’d like to switch out the one-word prompts for some of the dialogue prompts. These are actually coming out of the things I’ve overheard, some of which you can check out here. One-word prompts won’t be entirely phased out but will be reduced to once or twice a month.

I’m also looking to shift prompts to Wednesday. That’s more driven by behind-the-scenes details than anything else. Because I’m not planning on implementing all of the changes until December, that does mean the number of posts I’m putting out will be reduced through November.

As always, I’m looking forward to sharing the prompts I have and seeing what everyone comes up with.