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August Recap

August has been a quiet month. After some of the insanity that’s been happening in the last few months, I’m happy for a little bit of peace. There’s still a lot left of the year, and that means plenty of time for things to change.

This month was the launch of my new serial Seventh which is in the same universe as Crimson and Gold, though following different characters. I’m expecting the serial to run through to October and will be continuing to update it on Fridays.

As for what’s in progress right now, I’ve been focusing on some of my older projects for most of this month, revamping and revising a few of them. It’s been enjoyable, but it’s also been eating up a lot of time.

For September, I’m hoping to get at least one of those older projects completely redone and ready to go for the next round of drafting and editing. Beyond that I realize I haven’t been great about keeping up on adding photos to my post and want to work on that a little.

How has your month been?

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August Recap

At the end of last month I admitted I hadn’t gotten as much editing done as I would have liked to this year. Although the first couple of days were hard because I have a ton of ideas for stories and projects I want to work on, now that I’m at the other end of August, I’m happy with my decision to work only on projects I’ve already started.

I also managed to get the second draft of one novella done. It’s only a start, but I’m headed in the right direction.

With August closing out however one project I need to get a solid answer for is still…you guessed it, Crimson and Gold. Because of it’s length so far, the best option I’ve turned up is a self-publishing route, likely through Amazon. There’s still a lot to figure out but now that I have a semi-solid answer for what I’m doing with it, I’m feeling a little more confident and secure. There’s a lot of work ahead and I’m excited to start tackling the next step.

I did realize the other day that I hadn’t been reading as much as I would like. I’m going to try and set a goal for reading more this September. I also still need to decide on my main project for the next month.

How’d your August go?