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An Announcement

Over the last couple of months I’ve had some very serious constraints placed on my time. Thankfully, the blog wasn’t one of them, largely because of the weekly updates to Seventh. I still managed to find a little bit of time to get some work done on the mountain of projects I have.

That however, is something I want to address. I do have a huge amount of projects that are in a constant state of limbo. Some of them are things that I need to redo. Others haven’t even been finished. And others need polish and preparation before I show them.

It’s a lot of work I want to do, and enjoy doing. Work that needs time to be finished and completed. And that time is all so easily taken up by other things such as a day job so I can pay my bills.

Which is what brings me to the point of my post.

I need time, but time is a precious thing and unfortunately, there are other responsibilities that require my time. I refuse to stop writing. I refuse to give up and let it be a hobby or to let all of my work sit in a folder and collect digital dust. So, with that in mind, I’m opening an option for myself, to be able to use the work I enjoy to at the very least, keep the lights on here at the Written Vixen.

I’m launching a Patreon.

What that means is that if you choose, you can help me pay bills without having to keep you guys waiting around for an update to a story. My first goal for having a Patreon is to be able to earn enough to completely turn off all advertising here on the Written Vixen. That works out to ten dollars a month for my current hosting and domain costs.

If you’d like to support me, you can do so here or by clicking the Patreon Logo above. Supporting me means you’ll gain early or exclusive access to my shorts and any future serials I release. You’ll also have exclusive access to some of my worldbuilding notes.

Having a Patreon changes almost nothing. I will still post short stories, prompts and regular posts here. If you choose to support me, it simply means that I’ll be better able to continue creating and providing content for you to enjoy. Eventually, it will also mean I can start offering more content. You’ll probably start to see reminders and links at the bottom of my shorts and on my about page, but nothing else will change.

Even if you don’t support me on Patreon, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Simply by reading what I write you’ve given me an enormous amount of support. Thank you for encouraging me to continue writing and creating. I’m looking forward to sharing the next big project with all of you.


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Seventh: A Serial Story

Hair black as night.
Lips red as wine.
Skin pale as snow.
Eyes as dark as their hearts.

As a third generation seventh child, Crystal knows better than most how dangerous fairies can be. Now, thanks to a fairy’s meddling her brothers are in danger.

Lucinda, Queen of the blood fae, has claimed Crystal’s brothers. Their freedom may be regained, if Crystal is willing to trade them for the items Lucinda needs.

Six items traded for six brothers, and a seventh trade for her own freedom. Escaping from the underground realm of the fae might well require the help of another fairy. A fairy who knows the shadows just as well as Lucinda does. One who stands to gain just as much from Crystal’s entrapment as they do from her freedom.

Last week I announced my latest project. This week I’m even more excited to tell you all when you can see it and to let you know a little more about it.

Like Crimson and Gold, Seventh is vaguely based on a well-known Western fairy-tale. You’ll also be able to see characters from both Season of Preparing and The Spinning Wheel Trade in it. Unlike its related stories however, Seventh will be released as a serial story.

Part One | Part Two

You humans like to add ‘happily ever after’ onto your stories. There isn’t always a happily forever after, Sometimes it’s only ‘forever’ after.