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How Acting Applies to Character Description

Although an initial look might make it seem as if acting and writing are two vastly different arts there are tools in an actor's kit  writers can borrow. Several of those come in handy for developing characters. For today, I'm only focusing on character description. For an actor, costumes and makeup are only part of… Continue reading How Acting Applies to Character Description


Rejecting Obstacles

Back in February, I mentioned that my father had had a stroke. Thankfully, despite the area of his brain that had been affected by said stroke, he's been discharged from acute therapy and is now home with my sister and I. Unfortunately, while he's been discharged he is still a long way from independence again… Continue reading Rejecting Obstacles

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Avoiding Burn Out

There are two--maybe three--big things that prevent you from finishing a story. One, procrastination. Two, burn out. Of the two, procrastination at least pretends to be something useful (don't let it fool you though, it is lying to you and is not actually useful). Burn out on the other hand makes no attempt to hide… Continue reading Avoiding Burn Out


Naming Characters

Naming things is hard work. Kids, pets, places are all examples of this, and characters are no exception. In some cases you can get away with just using a placeholder name until you can find the right name for the character. Nonetheless, when you're hunting up a name, there are a few things to consider.… Continue reading Naming Characters


Making Goals

With a fresh start on the year it's so easy and enticing to want to do set goals and aim high. There's absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming big either. The problem sets in entirely when those big goals get to be a little too grandiose and real life gets in the way, especially when it's… Continue reading Making Goals