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30 Day Shorts IV

Part I is here. Part II is here. Part III is here and you're on part IV right now! Day 18 and 19 Absolutely no shorts written. To be fair, the 18th was also another writing-free day. Day 20 I got a short written early this morning. Hoping I get more done as I'm about… Continue reading 30 Day Shorts IV

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30 Day Shorts III

You can check out the first two parts here and here. Day 11 I ended up not writing anything today. Mostly spent it working on some art instead of writing. Day 12 Another writing-free day. I spent it looking through my various projects and organizing some notes. Day 13 Got some flash pieces done! They… Continue reading 30 Day Shorts III


30 Day Shorts II

Another update on how my 30 Day shorts challenge has been going. I'd love to see how you all are doing if you're participating. Let me know in the comments below! Day 4 Today's word list actual sparked several ideas for flash pieces, all of which are grouped together under the title 'Halloween'. I have… Continue reading 30 Day Shorts II

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30 Day Shorts I

We're on day three of my 30 Day Shorts challenge, so it felt like a good place to check in and see how it's gone so far. Day 1 I started a little piece, which ended up being an unseen scene from my current serial work. I ended up not using the day's prompt. Title… Continue reading 30 Day Shorts I