Exercise: Create a Zodiac

People have spent millennia trying to understand what causes different personality traits. Everything from the timing of a birth, the number of letters in a name, birth order and blood type have been used. Whether or not you believe any of these, they can still be a lot of fun and a good way to… Continue reading Exercise: Create a Zodiac


YMMV: The Writing Process

 Most processes follow a set pattern of steps. They can be laid out from start to finish in an orderly fashion. The writing process isn’t like other processes. You can consider it the exception to the orderly rule of step-by-step routines. By definition the writing process are the steps a writer takes to create a… Continue reading YMMV: The Writing Process


Exercise: Twisted Tales

Flash fiction is a short form story, usually of under a thousand words. It can be difficult to completely tell a story in such a small space, but it can also create an intense and riveting story. Some exercises to try: In 500 words or less, tell the story of Sleeping Beauty's worst nightmare and… Continue reading Exercise: Twisted Tales