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Seventh Part Six

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five “Juni,” Crystal pleaded as they walked. “I’m sorry.”  “Sorry? Sorry! Crystal, you’re going to get yourself killed. That pool is deep and made of snow melt.” Juniper spun around, the loose ribbon in her hair threatening to slip the rest of… Continue reading Seventh Part Six

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Seventh: Part Five

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | No one visited the old graveyard after sundown for a reason. The dead remained silent, but the groundskeeper didn’t like visitors and only tolerated mourners because it meant there were fresh bodies in the ground.  The groundskeeper’s hut was off to the side… Continue reading Seventh: Part Five

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Seventh: Part Four

Part One | Part Two| Part Three| Once more at the start of the cave and Crystal had to inhale as she attached her lantern. This time she kept it on her hip. Even if she tripped again, she wouldn’t lose the lantern unless it broke. This time she hoped she would be able to… Continue reading Seventh: Part Four

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Seventh: Part Three

Part One | Part Two “You can’t be serious.”  Juniper spun from where she’d been digging in her cabinet for whatever it was she needed. As always her workspace had half a dozen odd implements—ribbons, twigs from giving branches, a few leaves soaking in cold water.  “I am,” Crystal said. “That was the agreement.”  “You’re… Continue reading Seventh: Part Three

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Seventh: A Serial Story

Hair black as night.Lips red as wine.Skin pale as snow.Eyes as dark as their hearts. As a third generation seventh child, Crystal knows better than most how dangerous fairies can be. Now, thanks to a fairy’s meddling her brothers are in danger. Lucinda, Queen of the blood fae, has claimed Crystal’s brothers. Their freedom may… Continue reading Seventh: A Serial Story