Short Story: Under Her Own Power

Inhaling brought cool air to her lungs as she stood outside the parliament chamber. Exhaling dispelled some of the internal heat, but did nothing to calm her anger. “Are you ready, Your Majesty?” Sola lifted her face. She didn’t have a choice. Either she stood out here all day or she walked into the parliament… Continue reading Short Story: Under Her Own Power


Short Story: Blessings and Gifts

“There is a difference between fairy blessings and gifts, child. Both can be equally dangerous, but one binds the recipient in ways worse than death.” Juniper paused in her sweeping to look up at the old woman. “Blessings are supposed to be given when a child is born, aren’t they?” That earned her a chuckle… Continue reading Short Story: Blessings and Gifts

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Short Story: Holiday Cheer

The one thing that pained him about Sadie was how expressive she was. Even without saying a word, Charles knew when his ten-year-old wasn’t enjoying the meal prep. It came across in the way she kept her head ducked and inspected her task with care before she actually started it. “Why so glum?” he asked… Continue reading Short Story: Holiday Cheer


Short Story: Gingerbread

“The end.” “Momma,” her daughter said. “There’s not really a house made of candy in the woods, is there?” Concern made her eyes wide. A laugh escaped. “It wouldn’t last very long if there was, now would it?” “No.” Her son cut in matter-of-factly. “All the animals would come and eat it.” “Indeed they would.… Continue reading Short Story: Gingerbread

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Seventh Part Eight

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven Crystal’s blessing allowed her to find the things she needed, sometimes in places they shouldn’t have been. And yet, as she looked at the bare trees stretching below them about a day’s ride south of… Continue reading Seventh Part Eight