A.J. Helms is a fantasy author currently living in Arizona. She can usually be found wherever there’s coffee, and her books can be found below.  You can also support her by buying her a coffee

If you’d like to read something shorter, take a look at her Short Stories.

Crimson and Gold (Kindle)


Twelve years ago, a wolf attacked Scarlett. Twelve years ago, Grandmother Rose chased off the man behind that attack.

Now, Ethan is back and Scarlett is the one responsible for defending Fairvale.  Doing that means finding the fairy spring and the only person who knows how to find it is the woodcutter, Carter. Carter has is own reasons for not getting involved with fairies and wolves. If Scarlett can’t find the fairy spring, Ethan gains control over some of the most dangerous creatures in the entire First Kingdom.

The same creatures he used to attack her twelve years ago.

Aurarin’s Song (Temporarily Unavailable)

AS Draft.jpg

The directions of a dying dragon and a seed are the only things Aurarin has to figure out who Mirsel is and why he murdered her caretakers.

Following those directions leads her to a school full of rivals and traitors. When the seed is stolen, Aurarin enlists the aid of a knight-in-training, a barely-literate farm boy and a less-than-helpful siren to take on an enemy who to her, only has a name. Armed with her own powerful magic and a half-forgotten prophecy, Aurarin is determined to face Mirsel, even at the cost of her own ambitions.