5 Architectural Words

It’s always a good idea to know how to describe things. One of the things you really want to be able to describe in writing is your setting. To help out with that, here’s five words found in architecture that might come in handy. Cantilever (noun) is a supporting bar fastened at one end. They’re… Continue reading 5 Architectural Words


Exercise: Just Kidding!

Comedy requires a lot of skill to write effectively. Pacing can affect your delivery and sometimes the tone of a piece can derail the best punchlines. Pacing and tone can also  make a joke land perfectly with the audience.  As an exercise: Find a joke or two (you can find a couple below). Now, write… Continue reading Exercise: Just Kidding!


Exercise: Safe Space

Safety is a fundamental need and craving for most people.  There are certain things that make us feel safer, or that we associate with the feelings of safety and security.  As an exercise: write about a memory where you felt absolutely safe. Try to incorporate as many of your senses as possible. Bonus exercise: write… Continue reading Exercise: Safe Space