5 Words for Unpleasant People

As a general rule, people can be absolutely awful. Whether they’re being deliberately obnoxious, outright mean or just stuck-up some people are rightfully labeled as unpleasant. Here’s five words for a few of them you might know.

Louse. Typically used on the singular of lice, using this noun to describe someone you find contemptible is spot on. They’re usually mean-spirited or plain unethical. Either way, interacting with them probably makes you just as itchy as actually having lice.

Cadger. That coworker who always bums a cigarette and eats too many of the free snacks in the breakroom might just be a cadger. By definition they’re someone who acquires things from others, usually by imposing on them.  

Jiber. Your schoolyard bully and your sibling have this one in common. Someone who jeers or taunts you is a jiber. Not to be confused with jibber which has several other definitions.

Quisling. Originally a surname, quisling refers to someone—especially politicians and their followers—who voluntarily assist enemy or occupying forces. You can thank Vidkun Quisling for contributing his name to these traitors during World War II, but that’s about all you can really say for the guy.

Caviler. Don’t get this one mixed up with cavalier, a caviler is someone who raises petty or frivolous arguments. Chances are you know someone who likes to nitpick the unimportant details. Chances are just as good that they’ll try to argue about the definition of this word.

What are some of your favorite words for unpleasant people? Let me know in the comments below!


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