NaNoWriMo ’22 Update

We’re approaching the halfway mark on NaNo which is a good time to check in and see how things are going.

If you’re falling behind, try not to stress! Instead, remind yourself that NaNo is a challenge for many different reasons and it doesn’t suit everyone’s process or every story. You’re making progress and that means you’re doing great.

As for me, the first week had some definite ups and down. As mentioned before, I’d tried outlining this year. I usually don’t outline until I’m getting ready to move into editing. And within the first three days of working from the outline, I absolutely hated every word I’d written. Just about every scene felt forced and constrained.

I’m not surprised it happened. Outlines aren’t something I typically use for a rough draft and they don’t mesh that well with my normal writing process. I had the option of pushing through and hoping it got better.

Instead I chose to start over from scratch—again. All of the five thousand odd words I had thrown out and yet another start-over. Dangerous giving my history with the Inhumans project and especially given that I’d planned on this turning into a series.

I didn’t however, give up on entirely challenging my writing process. I kept the idea of limiting the amount of time for each scene. Rather than worrying about transitioning from one scene to the next or even actual chapter breaks, I write to the timer and once the timer is done, it’s on to the next scene I have an idea for.

What I have is less rough draft and more zero draft, but it’s also turned out to be the best idea I’ve come up with. Rather than struggling when I write myself into a plot hole (of which I’m sure there are many) I skip over and keep working on the parts I do know.

It’s definitely not something I would have thought of doing years ago. We’ll see how much it really hurts after November when it’s time to start editing and filling in all the gaps I have left.

How’s your NaNo going? Let me know in the comments below!


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