5 Unusual Words for Angry

I’ve been enjoying finding new words! Continuing that with words for angry was actually a bit of a challenge. It took some digging to find all five.

Bilious. You may have also heard this to refer to someone who is nauseous or ill. It’s indeed related to bile which is why it comes as no surprise that it can also mean irritable or bad-tempered. After all, if you have a bilious relationship with math, you might just walk away from math problems and budgeting a little angry.  

Splenetic. Meaning bad-tempered or spiteful, you’d be correct in thinking this is somehow related to ‘spleen’ and the second body-related word on the list. It’s also a way of describing someone’s temper. A splenetic spouse, for instance, might be one reason your neighbors don’t like you very much.

Pugnacious. Another adjective, this one describes someone who is quick to anger or fight. Don’t think it can be used on only people either: geese are certainly pugnacious creatures.

Truculent. Anyone who’s had to deal with a tired toddler can think of a good use for the word truculent. Meaning aggressively defiant it can be applied not just to toddlers, but also to any teen struggling with their homework or chores.

Disputant. If you can think of anyone you know personally to apply the above adjectives to, you’ve probably been a disputant at one point or another. Disputants are the people involved in disputes and disagreements.

What are some of your favorite words for angry? Let me know in the comments below!  


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