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Exercise: Creating Heroes

Pre-pandemic when thinking of heroes it wasn’t unusual to think of doctors, nurses, first responders and military personnel as heroes. If anything, Covid made us aware of the fact that there are more heroes around us than we can ever count. Heroes very genuinely can be found in every facet of life.

That brings up the question of what exactly makes a hero? Take a moment and write down a list of five qualities you expect in a hero. Are they selfless? Perhaps they keep going even when things are difficult? Whatever you can think of, write it down!

As an exercise: Take your list of heroic qualities and either identify scenes where those qualities are showing, or find a scene where you can include a show of those qualities. Try and find a scene for all five qualities!

Bonus exercise: If you have more than one heroic character, check through your scenes to find out what each of their five qualities is. Remember each character should be unique, even if their qualities are very similar. For scenes where they use the same method of showing the same quality ask yourself how they can show it in a different way and write new scenes as necessary.


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