Exercise: Pitch It

If you’re going to run a marathon, you probably start out doing basic, small runs and work your way up. Same thing if you’re doing MMA, or any other physical activity. It’s also what you probably do if you’re an artist: you start working on quick sketches and build up.

Writing exercises are like those little workouts, concept sketches and the like: they’re meant to help you flex your creative muscles.

If you’re intending to write for publication however, you often run into a problem: your pitch.

There are several dozen sites out there that will tell you what not to do, or what you should do to write a great pitch, but here’s a cold fact: How often have you actually practiced writing a pitch? Be honest here. Have you given your pitch as much effort as you do the writing? Do you have a stash of pitches hidden somewhere that you might drag out one day to work on some more, or to expand?

Chances are high that you’re answering no to most of those. So, we’re aiming to change that.

As an exercise: Write a pitch in 250 words or less for your favorite episode of your favorite TV show. When you’re done, write a pitch for another episode of another show. Then switch it up, write a pitch for a podcast episode or even a music video. Try to have fun with it and follow the general pitch guidelines: No more than one page and 5 paragraphs.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below!


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