Exercise: Help Wanted

Advertisements are everywhere. It’s a part of the modern world we largely can’t escape—they litter major cities on the sides of buses and benches, spread across the internet in myriad hidden places and even reach into basic farmer’s stands and markets.

With how frequent ads are, there’s probably one you’ve learned to overlook: Help Wanted. When a company needs help they rely on advertising to let job-seekers know they have an open position.

Exercise 1: Write a help wanted add for the roles in your story. Think about what some of the ‘job’ requirements would be. Are there certain actions or skills your characters will need to bring to the table? What about requirements like education or a vehicle?

Exercise 2: Take a look at a job posting board and pick an open position. Create a character that would perfectly match the listed requirements and experience. If they match the requirements perfectly, what sort of obstacle can you put in their way to getting the job?

Exercise 3: Write an advertisement for an unusual job—like dragon washer or space station inspector. Think outside of the box and get as strange or bizarre as you like. What might the job duties entail?

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