30 Day Shorts II

Another update on how my 30 Day shorts challenge has been going. I’d love to see how you all are doing if you’re participating. Let me know in the comments below!

Day 4
Today’s word list actual sparked several ideas for flash pieces, all of which are grouped together under the title ‘Halloween’. I have two done so far, which actually put me just slightly ahead of where I meant to be.

Day 5
Finished one more piece under the collection started yesterday, but it only ended up being a short 500 word scene.

Day 6
Kind of struggled to find the motivation to focus on a short story. Instead I ended up working on the opening of another piece and spawning a new idea. While I’m not behind because of that additional on the fourth, I don’t want to let this be a habit.

Day 7
I went ahead and did two ten-minute flash pieces on the newest idea. The first is titled ‘Hidden’ while the second is currently under the title ‘Prized’.

Day 8
More flash for the newest idea today (which is in need of a title). So far I have nine pieces done, with the latest under the title of ‘Moon’s Comfort’.

Day 9
Ended up with an unrelated short that I want to come back to later. I like the potential for it to stay as a self-contained piece, or to connect to a larger sequence. Currently titled it as ‘Wishing Stars’.

Day 10
Because my darling cat decided she wanted to be up and played with all last night, I ended up writing a short piece about her. I’m half-planning on posting it here for April’s short story, but haven’t officially decided yet. Current title is ‘Soft Paws and Sharp Claws.’


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