Reading Challenges

I mentioned when I posted about the goals I was setting for 2020 that one of the places I’d taken the hardest hit on was my reading. I had several months after May where I didn’t read anything outside of nonfiction articles, and only a couple of short fiction stories for the most part of the end of the year.

To fix that, I want to give myself a reading challenge this year. Normally I don’t track how much or what I’m reading, but I’m hoping that tracking it will let me get back on track and reading more.

Because I know part of the trouble has been on having time to read, I’m keeping it fairly low. The aim for this year is to read a total of 24 books.

  • 12 newly published books
  • 3 in genres I don’t normally read
  • 6 from indie authors
  • 3 digital books

I’m planning on keeping track of this in my planner, though I know a lot of people use places like Goodreads. I may also check out some of the book subscription boxes as a sort of blind date with a book.

What are you challenging yourself to read this year?


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