Supporting Authors

The holiday season is in full swing. For some of us, that means a lot of gift giving, gift wrapping and general chaos. For a lot of us, it also means wondering how to best support the authors, writers and artists we admire. While some of the ways you can help your favorite creators are obvious, others might not be.

Put them on your wish lists. This is actually a double-bonus here. If someone is following your wish list, not only do you get the book you want, you’re also letting other people know about them and giving a low-key recommendation that you enjoy their works.

Review their stuff. Getting reviews is hard. Leaving one lets an author know what you liked and again, recommends their work to others.

Give them a shout-out. Social media makes it easier than ever to connect, turn some of those connections to the authors you admire. Retweet their announcement about their latest release or share their Facebook page.

Buy their books. This is an obvious one. Book sales mean authors have more money to spend on the people they need to shop for. And there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a small gift or two.

Gift their books. Already have a copy? Books are good gifts, be it the traditional paper or a digital copy. This is another double-bonus. Not only does buying the book help, but gifting it is another way to recommend a good book, not just to your recipient, but also to anyone there to witness the unwrapping.



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