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Updates to Prompts

Some of my regular readers may have noticed that yesterday I didn’t post a prompt of any sort. In part, that’s because I’m shifting when I post them. The other part of that is that I want to adjust what prompts I post.

I’m not planning on making the complete change until December starts, largely because of time constraints. The other part of that is that I want a chance to get the first few prompts ready so I can schedule them ahead of time. Although creating an image for them doesn’t take very long, as I said, I want to adjust what I’m posting.

Namely, I’d like to switch out the one-word prompts for some of the dialogue prompts. These are actually coming out of the things I’ve overheard, some of which you can check out here. One-word prompts won’t be entirely phased out but will be reduced to once or twice a month.

I’m also looking to shift prompts to Wednesday. That’s more driven by behind-the-scenes details than anything else. Because I’m not planning on implementing all of the changes until December, that does mean the number of posts I’m putting out will be reduced through November.

As always, I’m looking forward to sharing the prompts I have and seeing what everyone comes up with.


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